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Does Olio ship product out of Colorado?2021-11-16T23:07:52+00:00

Not yet! Olio is currently only distributing product to dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. Follow us on Instagram at @dabolio710 to get the latest product drops posted daily. Check out our website for a full list of stores you can find Olio products

What do the different colored lights represent on the sauce pens?2021-11-16T23:08:40+00:00
Green = Low Temperature: 2.6v (More flavor, less smoke)
Blue = Medium Temperature: 2.8v (Strong flavor, more smoke)
Red = Hot: 3.0v (Less flavor, more smoke)
How do I use my Olio pen?2021-11-16T23:09:12+00:00
Power On/Off: Rapidly press face button 5 times (a rainbow colored ring will start to blink)
Customize your Session Temperature: Rapidly press face button 3 times while turned on to cycle through 3 settings:
Green = Low (2.6V)
Blue = Medium (2.8V)
Red = Hot (3.0V)
Pre-Heat Function:
– Rapidly press face button 2 times
– Ring around button will light up until priming is complete
– Pen will pre-heat cartridge to specific temperature for best first draw
Proper Usage and Storage2021-11-16T23:10:09+00:00

-Olio recommends a GREEN or BLUE temperature setting for the best flavor and performance.

-Store with the mouthpiece facing upright.
-Store at room temperature. Do NOT expose to extreme heat
-Olio recommends users turn OFF the battery when not in use
-Avoid hard draws by pulling slowly.
-Start each hit with a light draw.
How much do pens cost?2021-11-16T23:11:08+00:00

Each store is different when it comes to price. Check out our “Find Us” page and give your nearest shop a call!

Does Olio use any fillers or cutting agents?2021-11-16T23:12:15+00:00

NEVER! Olio stays true to their promise of 100% cannabis. Everything we use is made in-house to ensure quality and give you confidence that you are consuming only safe product.

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